Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Internet Safety for Kids

Kids today are using the internet at very young ages. It is very important to teach your kids a few internet safety rules before they go online.

Never Give Out Personal Information
Children should learn that it is dangerous to post their address, phone number, and even their email address. They should understand that this is information that should never be online for the whole world to see.

Never Friend People They Don't Know on Social Media
Kids need to understand that predators will always disguise themselves as kids. You should teach your children to never friend people they don't know, and they should tell you when a stranger tries to friend them. You need to know if there is a predator targeting your child.

Never Meet Up With “Online Friends”
Kids should know the dangers of meeting online friends. Regardless of how long the online friendship has gone on, it should never be done. They should understand that they cannot be 100 percent sure that their friend is actually who they say they are and that a meeting can be very dangerous. They should also alert you when “online friends” suggest a meeting.

Never Bully Other Kids Online
Your kids should understand how hurtful and dangerous bullying can be. Every year, there are stories on the news about young kids who have committed suicide as a result of bullying. You should teach your children that bullying in person and online is unacceptable. You should teach your child to rise above the bullying, even if all of the other kids are doing it. You should also teach them to tell you if they see someone being bullied. Let them know that they can be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Think Before You Post
It is important to explain to your kids that once they post something online, it is there forever. They should always think before they post anything such as a photo, an idea, or even a thought. Remind them daily that the internet posts can never be erased.

Don't Be Afraid to Tell
Make sure your kids understand that if they see something online that makes them feel uncomfortable, they should tell you immediately. This could be anything from a stranger sending them messages and photos online to a person who is just asking too many questions. Make sure that your kids understand that it is okay for them to come to your with their concerns about things that they read and see online.

Teach Them to Respect Others People's Views
You should teach your children that just because they don't agree with other people's views on the internet, they cannot be rude. They should understand that everyone won't always agree, and that is part of what makes people and life so interesting.

At Mission Valley Montessori, your child will learn internet safety tips to keep them protected. For more information, contact us today to schedule a tour and learn how the Montessori Method teaches kids to make smart and educated choices. 

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