Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Foundational Lessons of Montessori Elementary Education

Since the beginning of time, man has asked the question, "Why am I here?" The Montessori Elementary Education Principles use the naturally inquisitive nature of all humans to explore the universe, instilling a love of learning, and a respect for the earth and our fellow man.

The Foundation of Montessori Elementary Education is made up of Five Great Lessons. The Five Great Lessons help children develop an awareness that everything in the universe is both connected and interdependent; jointly creating a harmonious entity of which they are a part. The Five Great Lessons explore the connections and the role we as humans play and contribute to the whole picture.

Lesson One - Coming of the Universe and the Earth

The First Great Lesson covers many mainstream subjects including Astronomy, Meteorology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, and Geography. These lessons tell the story of the beginning of the universe, how the world was created, and how solid matter and water interact.

Lesson Two - Coming of Life

The Second Great Lesson incorporates Biology, Botany, Eco-systems, History, Animal Kingdoms, and Species Classifications. These lessons include a timeline of the universe and the earth including the development of microorganisms, plants, and animal life.

Lesson Three - Coming of Human Beings

The Third Great Lesson covers subjects ranging from Biology, History, and Culture to Social Studies, Science, and Religion. These lessons explain the beginning of civilization and how the developed mind of humans allowed them to adapt and utilize their surroundings.

Lesson Four - Communication in Signs

The Fourth Great Lesson introduces Reading, Writing, Language, Literature, and sentence structure. These lessons explore the creation and development of the written word from ancient alphabets and pictographs to the introduction of printing presses and modern day communication techniques.

Lesson Five - The Story of Numbers

The Fifth Great Lesson delves into Mathematics, Numbers, Geometry, Measurement, Graphs, and Statistics. These lessons look at the numerical systems of the earliest civilizations. They follow the advancement of mathematics and the roll it played in the development of every culture on earth.

Discussing the Five Great Lessons in practical terms along with everyday meaningful examples allows young minds to easily understand these concepts.

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