Monday, December 12, 2016

The Valued Difference in a Montessori Elementary Education

An elementary Montessori education is one of the most valuable assets that parents have access to for their children. Many are drawn to the less structured form of teaching that helps students fully engage in their lessons. Others appreciate the use of learning styles that have broader appeal among children that don't learn as effectively using traditional methods. A few of the advantages of Montessori-style education include happier children overall, better ability to tailor the lessons to the students' needs, and a calmer environment for learning.

A Whole Child-Focused Environment

Montessori schools take the entire student into account, focusing on their physical and emotional needs, as well as academic needs. One of the ways in which this concept is most obvious is in how teachers deal with bored or distracted students. Instead of taking a disciplinary approach, teachers help the students understand their task or direct them to a different one. There is also a certain degree of responsibility for maintaining the classroom.

Flexible Schedules and Structure

One of the many advantages of Montessori-style education is flexibility in students' daily schedules. Being able to use this flexibility is an example of a skill that will benefit students even after elementary school. Some examples of flexibility in this setting include:
  • Field trips that enrich the learning experience
  • Visits to local libraries for extra learning
  • Interacting with special visitors to the school

Individually-Paced Lessons

The lessons in a Montessori curriculum are largely tailored to individual students and designed to help them work at their own pace. Another one of the advantages is letting the students put extra focus on lessons that interest them if they wish. Ultimately, students will meet the goals for the curriculum while being able to do it in a way that works for them. Your child's curriculum plan will suit his or her needs as a learner more effectively than many other methods.

Increased Teamwork and Critical Thinking

Students will have plenty of chances to collaborate with each other, learning valuable teamwork in the process. Your child will have a great chance to develop necessary critical thinking skills. These skills will help prepare them for success later in life. By enrolling your child in a Montessori school, you're giving him or her a great chance of success.

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