Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Wonderful World of a Montessori Classroom

There is a special magic to Montessori classrooms, with this learning method offering some of the best options for curious children. The focus is on a more individualized approach that helps children learn by studying in a way that keeps their full attention. The teachers take a less disciplinary approach to students struggling with difficult subjects, encourage the students to help each other, and offer a less structured format.

Students Have More Control
An exciting feature for both kids and their parents is the fact that students self-regulate much of the classroom experience. One of the first things you'll notice is that the students don't have to sit at tables or desks in a prescribed location. Besides being able to work on lessons in flexible locations around the classroom, students are also given the chance to learn to cope with many common problems on their own.

Much of the Learning is Hands-On
The lessons in a Montessori classroom are more interactive than most other classrooms. This approach is considered an essential part of the learning experience, instead of just an option. One of the advantages is better engagement, so often lost in traditional learning. You'll find that the way the lessons are structured and the items used in the lessons will appeal to your child's natural curiosity.

Your Child Will Be a Better Decision-Maker
The Montessori philosophy is based, in part, around the idea that children with more leeway to make decisions make better ones. The students can make a lot of their own decisions about how they learn, within reason. Your child will know what their teacher expects of them, and make better decisions knowing those expectations. Students will learn special skills that will benefit them both inside and outside the classroom.

Their Education is in Good Hands
Many people who aren't familiar with Montessori schools aren't aware of how academically sound the curriculum is. For some learning styles, this method is superior to what they might learn in a public school setting. Some children thrive best academically when they are in a less structured class environment. Your child will learn everything that is essential to their academic success, in a way that engages them.

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