Saturday, January 30, 2021

How is Equality Important to Your Daughter

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Equality is a lesson that can begin being taught as early as the daycare classroom. While understanding the larger concepts of equality may be difficult, discovering that boys and girls deserve the same opportunities can be instilled at an early age.

The Struggle For Equality

Daycare students are ready to learn that women have been trying to gain acceptance as equal members of society for a very long time. They were denied the right to vote until only about a hundred years ago and were expected to dress differently than men until only a couple of generations back. Today, gender equality is making even more progress, but it will be children like your daughter who are the first to live in a world where society is not prejudiced against females.

Equal Pay For Equal Work

Even though women have been working alongside men for a long time, they are only now beginning to receive the same compensation as men for doing the same work. This has been hard on women for many reasons, including preventing them from building the self-esteem to demand to be given the same benefits that their male counterparts have expected as a matter of course. Women have accomplished great things for society, but have rarely received recognition for all that they have done. By learning about equality, the daughters of today can live in a world that treats them as they deserve.

Equality and Education

Two hundred years ago, girls were not expected to receive the same education as boys. They were told that their place was in the home and that things like science and reading were for the boys. Today, we see that these ideas were wrong and have held women back from achieving all that could have been, but it has been a long road. Girls and boys are both able to learn the same subjects, and in many cases, girls will do better at their studies than boys, partly because they are still struggling to prove themselves equal to their peers.

Don’t expect daycare children to master the nuances of equality, but take the time to explain why are people are equal, including those of different genders.

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