Thursday, January 28, 2021

How to Teach Children About Gender Equality

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Teaching preschoolers about gender equality begins in the home and becomes a de facto part of their preschool education. Children already accept that boys and girls are equal, so the important task is to avoid giving them the impression that either gender deserves some kind of special treatment.

Playing Games

In Montessori preschool, girls are just as good at playing catch as boys. The misconception that they are not comes from a society that has refused to give girls a chance for countless generations. Given the opportunity to excel in outdoor recreation will provide the incentive for girls to try as hard as boys, and making the effort makes all the difference. They do need special help, they simply need equal opportunity.

STEM Learning

Science, technology, engineering, and math are fields that were prohibited to girls throughout most of human history. However, history also shows us again and again that females excel at these things when given the chance. From astronomy to physics, women have shown their capability through the ages, and you can encourage your daughter to leave her mark in any field she shows an interest in.

From a Different Perspective

Boys can cook if you give them the opportunity to learn. They can also sew, teach, and do the laundry. By eliminating gender barriers, you open doors for children to become who they were meant to be without limiting to outdated stereotypes that never had any basis in fact. Giving all children the same opportunities and instruction makes it possible to overcome gender prejudice in the same way that offering the same opportunities overcomes racial bias.

Showing Courtesy

Good manners do not mean holding the door for the ladies. Courtesy means showing the same considerations to everyone. It is important that young children learn to be kind to everyone without even thinking about what gender, race, or culture the other person is descended from. It is okay to say “Sir” or “Ma’am” as a form of respect to a specific gender so long as the same respect is given to both.

Gender equality can be difficult to teach because gender bias is built into most of the languages of the world. The thing to remember is that recognizing the difference in genders does not mean giving special treatment because of them.

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