Monday, January 4, 2021

How to Fit in Laundry as a Busy College Student

As a student, you’re expected to flit between classes across campus, study, fit in time to eat and care for yourself, and possibly work a part-time job or internship. You might squeeze in laundry between classes, but when the laundry facilities are communal, you can’t leave your laundry unattended for long.

You aren’t the only one with a tight schedule, and some students will remove the finished laundry of other students if machines aren’t available. A laundry pick up service can save you the stress of keeping tabs on your laundry, and free up time for college life.

Use a laundry pick up service to stop timing your laundry loads

Your Residency Advisor (RA) might’ve warned you about what happens to laundry machine hogs, or people who leave their laundry in the machines long after they’re completed. They might find items missing, or that their entire load was dumped onto a table or laundry carrier. The only solution is to keep a timer of when your load is complete, so you can quickly remove it.

With a laundry pick up service, you can stop timing your loads. Same-day pickup and next-day delivery means you know when your laundry will be taken and delivered. Depending on the residential laundry services you choose, you might leave your laundry out by 8AM of the day you want it picked up, and except it returned washed and folded by late afternoon of the next business day.

If your on-campus residency doesn’t allow visitors inside without a key, you might have to drop off and pick up laundry at your lobby, but most laundry pick up services can work around that minor obstacle.

Schedule a laundry pick up service for mixed-care laundry

When your laundry load is a mix of delicates, whites, colors, and dry clean, and your schedule is packed, it can be easy to forgo caution and shove everything into a single load. However, that can damage your clothes and significantly shorten their lifespan. On-campus facilities also usually aren’t the latest models or high quality, so even if you use the correct cycles, you can’t expect great results from standard washers that are overworked every day.

Residential laundry services have the highest quality machines for all types of laundry, and some will even sort your laundry for you. You won’t have to delegate your time between different laundry loads, and it’ll be the last thing on your mind as you study for your next big exam.

Talk to your college’s local laundry pick up service ahead of time

Before your next laundry day, contact your college’s local laundry services to discuss how they approach college laundry pick up. You might find they’ve serviced your campus before, or are currently serving residents. Some laundry services even have partnerships with colleges. Check in with your campus housing department to find out if your college applies.

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