Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Checklist: How To Spring Clean and Organize Your Wardrobe

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In many parts of the Bay Area, the weather is warming into peak spring temperatures. Summer is fast approaching. If you haven’t gone through your annual spring cleaning because COVID lockdowns warped your sense of time, it’s time to get back on track. Sort through your clothes, donate what you don’t like, store winter clothes, and fill your closet with spring styles. And schedule residential laundry services for everything that needs a deep clean before long-term storage.

Check through the below steps for an organized spring cleaning: 

Determine what you’re keeping, storing away, and donating

Empty your wardrobe or closet and lay out everything on your bed, rug, desk, etc. If you have a mountain of clothes, you can do this in rounds. Next, go through each article of clothing and decide which category it falls into: spring/summer clothing, store away for fall/winter, or donations. Once you’re through all your clothes, fold the donations into bags and put them aside. Now you’re a third of the way done!

Wash and store your winter clothes

Before storing your fall/winter clothes in their respective containers, clean them. Pretreat stains so they don’t set while they’re stored away. Make sure all clothes are dried before putting them away to avoid wrinkles and stretch marks. For clothes that need dry cleaning or are too delicate for your washing machine, schedule a laundry pick up service for bulk care. Some laundry service providers also take care of hand wash-only clothes, making your spring cleaning quick and easy.

When storing your fall/winter clothes, their fabric type will tell you if they need to be stored hanging or folded. Heavy fabric that pulls on its own weight should be stored folded. If it’s hung, its weight will pull down on the fabric draped over the hanger, ruining the fit and causing a permanent stretch. Lightweight fabric that is prone to wrinkling should be stored on a hanger. Look for hangers made of velvet, wood, or chrome, as wire hangers can bend out of shape and catch on fabric.

Organize your spring clothes

Finally, it’s time to put your spring/summer clothes in your closet. Hang clothes that are prone to wrinkles, fold clothes prone to stretching, and drape jeans and pants over hanger bars. You should have more than enough room for your spring/summer clothes if you’ve taken stuff out for donations and winter storage. But if you brought spring/summer clothes out of storage, you might need to use underbed storage or attach designer hangers to your doors or walls. 

Do it all again for winter and fall!

This three-step process works for all seasons. If you find seasonal cleaning difficult or stressful, work with a residential laundry services provider to speed up the process. Washing clothes tends to be the most time-consuming part of the process.


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