Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Top 3 Most Important Qualities in a Private Kindergarten Teacher

private kindergarten
Montessori private kindergarten is worlds apart from traditional schools, and the role of teachers is much different. Instead of keeping the class on the same page and rushing through one subject after another, Montessori educators take a more individualized approach that requires different skill sets and the ability to work with individual children at their own level of education and performance.

The teachers in a Montessori private kindergarten should be certified, but that is only the first step in becoming a top kindergarten instructor. In addition to being certified in the Montessori Method, your child’s teacher should display other skills that help them relate to and instruct the students in their care. Here are 3 of the most important qualities to look for.

  1. Observant - In the Montessori private kindergarten, observing the progress of students is a critical aspect of educating them. By carefully observing the progress of each child, her instructor can tailor the child’s learning experience to better fit her progress and match her strengths and interests. Because Montessori is a self-teaching environment, observation is crucial for each child’s successful development.

  2. Patient and Compassionate - Teachers need to accept that sometimes children won’t behave as expected, and understand each child’s needs and abilities. Patience and compassion are critical aspects of childhood education that are often overlooked in traditional school settings, but are a cornerstone of the Montessori Method.

  3. Serves As An Example - As a role model for the children in her care, the Montessori guide should always put her best foot forward. Speaking in normal tones, avoiding becoming agitated or upset, and always communicating in a courteous manner gives children an example to adopt for their own behavior. Unlike traditional schools, the Montessori environment emphasizes behavior that helps children become conscientious members of their class, home, and community.

There are other skills that indicate a great teacher, but these 3 are critical for the Montessori private kindergarten teacher. In an environment that is focused on the child instead of the subject matter, these qualities help your child’s teacher help your child reach her full potential, with the knowledge and behavior she needs to be a productive member of the community.


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