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How Setup and Design Create the Magic of a Montessori Daycare Classroom

How Setup and Design Create the Magic of a Montessori Daycare Classroom

Adults entering an authentic Montessori daycare for the first time are often surprised by the classroom. In comparison to other daycares, it may seem to lack in exciting appeal. But that appearance can be deceiving, and the Magic of the Montessori Method depends on the layout and design meeting well-defined Montessori standards.

The Prepared Environment

The Montessori daycare classroom is known as a prepared environment. Activities are grouped in specific orders, and the room is laid out so that children can freely move from one activity to another without disrupting the work of other students. Every object has its designated place, and children learn early on that putting things away when they are done with them is the socially acceptable behavior to strive for. Where an ordinary daycare may seem chaotic at first glance, the Montessori daycare will always reflect the methodical order envisioned by Maria Montessori.

Maximizing with Minimalism

Montessori classrooms have been described as Minimalist, but the underlying fact is that the environment is very carefully designed to facilitate learning, help children focus on one task at a time, and give each child the opportunity to pursue their own interests. The lack of distractions posted on the walls is intentional because the idea is for children to focus on play-based, educational activities, not their favorite movies or cartoons.

Culture Vs. Commercialism

In a more traditional daycare, commercial icons and cartoon characters often adorn the walls. This type of decoration is rarely found in a Montessori daycare, by explicit design. Montessori encourages children to remain rooted in the real world and gives very little attention to popular culture. Instead, you may find actual cultural artifacts in place of pictures of animated characters, showing glimpses of the real world children are preparing to live in.

When the Montessori classroom is set up in the way it was originally designed by Maria Montessori, the magic begins. Children quickly discover that they have freedom of movement, choices in activities, and have the honor of choosing their own direction in educational pursuits. Because underneath it all, the magic of instilling a love of learning is the ultimate goal of Montessori learning, and the design helps bring that to life.


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