Monday, May 17, 2021

The Laundromat: How to Stay Safe During Your Visit

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When you can’t wait for residential laundry services to pick up and deliver your next load, you might use your own machine or go to a laundromat. Whether you’re using your community’s communal laundromat or going to a public one, you should stay safe by following the below basics.

Go to a safe area

Briefly research the laundromat’s location. Are you familiar with the town or city? Have there been reports of suspicious activity nearby? Look at Google and Yelp reviews for warning signs. You can also check on community apps and ask neighbors for recommended laundromats. You should feel safe staying inside while waiting for your loads to finish. If you can’t find safe laundromats nearby, you might wash at home and then use a laundry pick up service for a future load.

Don't leave clothes unattended

Even if your laundromat is in a safe area, you don’t want to leave your laundry unattended. Somebody could walk through and quickly steal items. If you’re not back before your laundry finishes, you also might find your clothes dumped onto a counter or laundry hamper. This might happen if someone wants to use your machine because others aren't available.

Many laundromats have sitting areas where you can read while your laundry is tended. If not, you might stay in your car and keep an eye on the laundromat. Using a laundromat can take up a sizeable part of your schedule, but it’s necessary to stay safe.

Don't bring valuables with you

It’s safest to leave your designer and sentimental items at home. Wash them in your machine, sink, or use a laundry pick up service. Somebody could recognize their value and steal them. Additionally, don’t bring valuables that you keep on yourself. Bring only what you need, and consider paying with coins or prepaid cards. If you’re going to wait inside the laundromat, don’t bring electronic valuables. You can wait out your laundry with a book or an inexpensive item that won’t attract attention.

Carry limited funds with you

Limit how much cash you bring. Many laundromats only take coins, so bring a pouch of how much you expect to spend. If possible, try to go coin-less and use a laundromat that takes card-specific payment. You can digitally reload your card whenever your funds run low.


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