Friday, April 29, 2022

How Do Montessori Middle School Kids Study The Science Behind Ice Crystals?

Montessori middle schools use the same authentic Montessori approach as you will find in private preschool and early elementary programs. Middle school children love to get their hands on their curriculum too and have the ability to take on more in-depth studies. For example, they have probably already learned how water can be any state of matter, but they are now becoming capable enough to delve into the science behind ice crystals.

Freezer Experiments

Middle school projects include a variety of science applications, and examining ice as it is turning into crystals provides first-hand information concerning when, how, and why ice crystals form. It may take a little practice and some adjustment of your freezer temperature to form ice crystals, but part of the fun of science is the anticipation of results.

Video Examples

After a few experiments and talking over some ideas for why ice crystals form, check out some youtube videos on the subject. If you want to get straight to the science of what is happening, the investigation leads to ice crystal shapes based on the six-sided shape of special water molecules. And by the way, it has been demonstrated in controlled environments that the pattern of snowflakes can duplicate itself, but the odds of finding two identical snowflakes are astronomically high.

The Math of Ice Crystals

Math is at the heart of most scientific investigations, and discovering how math is able to predict the outcome of science experiments can be an amazing discovery for children. Everything from why individual ice crystals are attracted to each other to the reason ice crystals form 6-sided structures is based on the physical sciences, chemistry, and more.

The Montessori hands-on approach to learning is perfect for academic lessons in science, geometry, and more. Maria Montessori recognized that children were able to learn better when they were able to move about and physically interact with their lessons. Ice crystals are only one of many ways you can use science to get your children involved.

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