Friday, April 29, 2022

How Laundry Pick Up Makes Your Clothes Last Longer

Does doing your laundry at home shorten the lifespan of your clothes? If you pay for residential laundry services, do your clothes last longer? The answer to the first question is unknown because it depends on how each person washes and dries clothes. However, the answer to the second question is a resounding yes.

Paying for a laundry pick up service does make your clothes last longer.

Commercial laundry businesses use the most advanced washers and dryers to enhance the appearance of clothes after wash and dry cycles. The professionals that run commercial laundry businesses such as Laundry Care Express do the little things that matter for extending the lifespan of apparel.

Let’s look at a few reasons why a laundry pick up service makes your clothes last longer.

Less Abrasive Wash and Dry Cycles

Some fabrics are especially sensitive to long stints in water, as well as the heat and agitation that takes place inside most residential washers and dryers. Laundry Care Express operates the most advanced washers and dryers that minimize heat and agitation to produce clothes that look like you bought them off a rack yesterday.

A laundry pickup service also offers the option of dry cleaning, which does not use water and tumbles clothes more gently.

Gentle Cycles Preserve Fabric Quality

Clothes that tear and shrink diminish the value of the apparel. In addition to providing more gentle wash and dry cycles, residential laundry services also use higher quality detergents, instead of hot water and inferior detergents that can diminish the visual appeal of clothes over time.

If you ever have taken a frayed sweater out of the dryer, you probably noticed some degree of damage caused by the machine.

Getting Out Tough Stains

One of the reasons why clothes can lose a few years off their lifespans is because of tough-to-remove stains. Residential laundry services use the highest-quality detergents to remove the toughest stains, without damaging the fabric. Because Laundry Care Express invests in the most effective detergents for standard wash and dry cycles, your clothes come out looking fresh and in mint condition.

No More Folding

Did you know that improperly folding clothes can decrease their lifespan? A laundry pick up service takes care of every step required during the washing and drying process, including folding all your clothes. Not only do you save time, but you also get back clothes that do not present unsightly wrinkles and/or have endured the damage caused by improper folding techniques.

The Bottom Line: No More Washing Drying, and Sorting Clothes

Contracting with a laundry pick up service represents a sound strategy to increase the lifespan of your clothes. Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing the cleaning of your clothes does not bust the monthly budget. When you factor in the cost of replacing damaged and/or unsightly apparel, you can save money by hiring Laundry Care Express to provide a laundry pick up service.

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