Wednesday, September 28, 2022

5 Signs it's Time to Hire a Laundry Service

Whether to spend money or not to spend money on residential laundry services, that is the question that you face every month when the time comes to create a budget for the next 30 days. Saving money is the prudent goal, but what is the cost of washing and drying your clothes instead of allowing a team of professionals to do the job for you?

The answer is the five signs it’s time to hire a business that specializes in providing the highest quality of residential laundry services.

Damaged Clothes

The first time it happened, you chalked it up to bad luck. One of your favorite apparel came out of the wash cycle looking frayed around the edges. The second time it happened you started to wonder if washing and drying your clothes at home caused irreparable damage such as discoloration and the creation of permanent stains.

Despite following washing and drying instructions closely, doing your own laundry has left you with fewer apparel options because of the damage caused by your apparel-cleaning appliances.

Out of Time

Because of the time it takes to clean your clothes properly, you notice that you either consolidate loads into one cycle or do not wash and dry certain apparel to avoid putting your clothes through more than one wash and dry cycle. Doing your own laundry does not require developing a set of specialized skills, but it does require you to set aside a significant amount of time to complete the chore.

Delegating the responsibility of washing and drying clothes frees up more of your time to take care of more important responsibilities.

Higher Utility Bills

You did not notice the increase at first, but after a few months, your monthly utility bills started to increase because of the demand for water and electricity. Although you have considered outsourcing your laundry needs to be cost-prohibitive in the past, the fact remains that you save money by decreasing the number of times you use the washer and dryer. The result of outsourcing your laundry is a substantial decrease in the cost of utility bills.

Specialized Services

Doing your own laundry made sense when you did not need to dry clean clothes that require a more delicate approach to washing and drying more formal apparel. Whether it is a new job or the purchase of apparel for special occasions, you now need to treat some of your clothes with a much more delicate washing and drying approach.

Residential laundry services that include dry cleaning ensure you treat apparel such as silk shirts and blouses with the utmost care.

Appliances Start to Break Down

Despite the best intentions, your apparel has a limited lifespan. The same principle applies to the appliances you use to clean your clothes. From the first rumble heard from a washing machine to the dryer declining in efficiency, the time to turn to the professionals that provide residential laundry services has arrived.

The less you run your laundry appliances, the longer you have to use the appliances.
The Bottom LineYou can wait until you notice the five signs it’s time to hire a laundry service or be proactive by taking your clothes to a business that keeps your clothes smelling fresh and looking in mint condition. Take action today by outsourcing your laundry needs to Laundry Care Express.

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