Monday, September 26, 2022

5 Ways to Reduce the Stress of Dropping Off Your Preschooler at School

Since birth, preschool children have spent the majority of their time with a parent or guardian. When they are dropped off at preschool, new and unfamiliar people are added to their daily calendar, and many children react by crying or clinging to their parents. If you are having problems of this sort, try a couple of these methods of reducing stress and promoting a peaceful transfer from one role model to another.

1. Establish a Morning Routine

Montessori preschool children perform better in all aspects of development when they have consistent routines. Morning routines include things like getting dressed, having breakfast, brushing teeth, and preparing a book bag. Following these routines accomplishes several tasks, from encouraging wakefulness to helping children become more organized.

2. An Apple For Teacher

A daily or weekly gift for the teacher gives your child a reason to look forward to arriving at school. It doesn't have to be an apple, and a small bit of artwork is often a better choice. After all, if every child brought an apple a day, the school would be full of apples before the first month was done.

3. Avoid Lingering and Rushing Off

Two common mistakes when dropping children off at school are to either wait around trying to alleviate the stress or rushing away without a proper-- and considerate-- send-off. The best method is to arrive early enough to share some encouraging conversation, then say your farewells and leave the child in competent hands.

4. Create Excitement Before You Arrive

Instilling a sense of excitement and anticipation helps divert a child's attention away from being left alone in a relatively unfamiliar environment. Talk about the way she enjoys doing things with her school friends. Remind her of the fun she has had on previous days. The more her thoughts are centered around the positive aspects of being at school, the less she will rebel against the idea of not having her parents nearby.

5. From One Role Model To Another

For shy children, the best solution to being dropped off may be the actual act of transferring trust from yourself to the school staff. Take your son by the hand and walk him through offering his teacher a morning greeting. His teacher has a busy schedule early in the morning, so make your conversation brief, but be sociable enough that your child understands his teacher is a trusted adult that is on your side and his.

In most situations, the stress of parental separation is a fleeting response. Within a couple of minutes of the parent leaving, those children have found something to interest them, or become engaged with other children in some playful activity. Keeping the stress of being dropped off limited in duration helps them acclimate more quickly, and that benefits everyone involved.

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